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Treatment in LIMES Schlossklinik for depression

Holistic. Protected. Recovered.

At the LIMES Schlosskliniken, the patient is actively integrated into the treatment process, from the differential diagnosis, which highlights secondary and primary factors, to the aftercare concept. It is an integral part of the treatment concept to train the patient to become a specialist in his illness and its course so that he can see that depression is easily treatable nowadays.

During the personal “time out” – due to spatial and temporal distance – patients are shown trust, patience, and unconditional acceptance.

These are essential key factors in the therapy of people suffering from depression. This spatial and temporal “separation” from the habitual habitus simultaneously creates a distance in terms of content from factors that cause or promote illness. After successful therapy, the patient can approach these again with caution.

The therapy and the holistic therapy concept

The first step in therapy is to identify the underlying causes of the depression and develop suitable coping strategies with the patient.

Since the LIMES Schlossklinik pursues a holistic therapy concept, physical and mental health are agreed upon. As a link, the LIMES Sports.Care concept represents a special form of physical activity: honest and genuine training in nature, individually tailored to the individual.

The elements of mindfulness-based medicine help our patients to learn long-term techniques to allow new options for action and thus to discard depression-promoting habits. In this way, one’s own personality is finally (again) indeed “perceived,” the head becomes “free,” and an active recovery process begins.

Modern and innovative treatment methods at the LIMES Schlossklinik

Through regular advanced training, the staff of the LIMES Schlosskliniken is given the opportunity to offer modern and innovative treatment procedures based on the latest scientifically founded currents and oriented to the phases of the disease. A variety of resource-problem- and emotion-oriented therapy techniques are used as psychotherapeutic treatment modules. To name but a few:

  • Interpersonal psychotherapy for depression
  • Schema therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, depth psychology-based psychotherapy
  • Psychoeducation, self-confidence training, stress management training, mindfulness training,
  • autogenic training, progressive relaxation, and art and body therapy techniques.

At all times, our staff members comply with the endeavor to create an environment of regeneration and recovery for our patients. Guideline-based drug treatment concepts are also integrated into the individualized therapy plan in severe cases of depression and, depending on the indication, to provide adequate treatment at all times.

There are no long waiting times at LIMES Schlosskliniken

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