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General information

Activities in the house

In our recreation rooms, you can retire to read in peace or use your free time to interact with other patients.

You have the opportunity to swim, take a sauna, or do exercise in the spacious gymnasium. You can attend regular lectures given by our doctors and psychologists or by the patients, get creative in the studio or browse in our in-house store. You will find local products, clothing, decorative items, books, postcards, current newspapers/magazines, and many other valuable things there. You will also have the opportunity to prepare a fresh menu with our chef.

Studio and artist

The Chilean-born artist, Alfredo Merino Pacheco, is the in-house artist at LIMES Schlossklinik Mecklenburgische Schweiz and gives our patients insights into the lightness of his way of life. The studio is open day and night for our patients. Thus he lets everyone participate in his art and spreads a unique, creative atmosphere throughout the castle. His works also reflect the free and spontaneous way of life of his person, his country, and his culture freshly and honestly.

Since the beginning of the 80s, Alfredo Merino Pacheco has constantly been traveling the world, living in different countries, and asserting himself through his harp music and painting.

Facilities and rooms

With us, you are not only a patient but an all-time welcome guest. Our rooms meet the highest quality standards and offer you enough space to feel free. Each room has its own bathroom, a TV connection, WLAN, and a permanently installed hairdryer. For the duration of your stay, it is possible to get a landline telephone.

From your room, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the surrounding nature of LIMES Schlossklinik.

Visiting times

You are welcome to receive visitors during your stay and meet with relatives and friends, for example. However, this should contribute to the success of the therapy and take place outside your therapy hours.

EC ATMs and banks

The nearest EC machine is in Teterow (about 10 minutes by car). There you will find the Sparkasse, Deutsche Bank, Raiffeisenbank and Postbank. For more information and addresses, please get in touch with our staff at the reception.


Our clinic is open for you at any time. You can also be admitted to our LIMES Schlossklinik over Christmas and at the turn of the year.

Leisure activities in the surrounding area

Mecklenburg, Switzerland, is a picturesque cultural landscape with rich nature and many castles, manor houses, and parks. LIMES Schlosskliniken offers a cultural shuttle service on weekends to visit the cultural sights in the area. Our reception staff will be happy to inform you about the current offers and activities.

Worship services in Teterow

  • Evangelical Lutheran Church:
    Schulstraße 2, 17166 Teterow, tel: +49 3996 182821,
    Church service: Sunday 09:30
  • Roman Catholic Parish Office:
    Bahnhofstraße 1, 17166 Teterow, Tel: +49 3996 172486,
    Holy Mass: Sunday 10:30 am
  • Evangelical Free Church Parish:
    Niels-Stensen-Straße 2, 17166 Teterow, Tel: +49 3996 174842,
    Church service: Sunday 10.00
  • New Apostolic Church: Otimarstraße 66, 17166 Teterow, tel: +49 3996 172010,
    Divine service: Sunday 9.30 am and Wednesday 7.30 pm

Clinical Restaurant / Food & Drink

Food is essential in the holistic therapy concept of LIMES Castle Clinics. Here, sensible and healthy nutrition is implemented closely with the medical-therapeutic team. The concept of a healthy wholefood cuisine accompanies you daily and increases your well-being and health thanks to high-quality products. Upon admission, a detailed dietary history of existing intolerances is taken, which is individual, personal, and targeted. The cuisine of the LIMES Schlosskliniken is a fresh cuisine that relies on sustainable products from the region, plays confidently and imaginatively with different textures and aromatic surprises, and pays special attention to seasonal herbs and vegetables.

Between regular meals – breakfast, lunch, and dinner – we offer fresh snacks, healthy juices, and smoothies in our bar. Even after dinner, the “Fresh Bar” is still open for you, but then you can only get drinks there (always non-alcoholic).

Clinical Team

Our team consists of chief physicians and specialists in psychiatry, psychotherapy, and psychosomatics, as well as internal medicine, certified psychologists and psychological psychotherapists, therapists of various specialties, and the dedicated service staff who work hand in hand to provide you with first-class medical care, individual attention and professional service.


The hilly landscape of Mecklenburg, Switzerland, offers a variety of ways to take advantage of the peace and harmony of the spacious parkland.

At the adjacent Teterow Lake, you can slow down from your daily routine and catch a glimpse of the numerous cranes in the early morning. If you are a golf friend, you can use the adjoining golf course for your therapy-free hours. This covers an area of 110 hectares and consists of the 18-hole course “Am See,” the public 9-hole course “Am Silberberg,” and the driving range.

You are welcome to rent bicycles at LIMES Schlossklinik Mecklenburgische Schweiz.

Parking space

Our in-house parking lot is located directly at the main entrance of LIMES Schlossklinik and is available to you free of charge for the entire duration of your stay. Should you require an underground parking space for which a fee is charged, please ask our staff at the reception.


Postal messages and letters can be reached via the general address of LIMES Schlossklinik Mecklenburgische Schweiz – Gutshofallee 1, 17166 Teschow.

If you would like to send mail, please drop it off at the reception. There is a charge for sending your mail there. Letters and postcards delivered Monday to Friday before 11:30 a.m. will leave the same day.

Sport & Leisure

In addition to our therapeutic offerings, we offer a diverse selection of recreational activities. Our reception staff will also be happy to advise you on site.


For the duration of your stay, it is possible to obtain a landline telephone.

Therapy rooms

Our therapy rooms are modern and inviting. At the same time, we know about the healing effect of a well-designed room. We have created healing-positive room qualities through specific colors, materials, light, and sound qualities for our patients.

Laundry & Cleaning

In LIMES Schlossklinik, there is the possibility to have your dirty laundry cleaned by an external laundry service within a short period for reimbursement of costs. The laundry will be picked up by the cleaning service and also returned. Furthermore, you can wash your laundry yourself with a washing machine in the LIMES Schlossklinik.

Waiting time

We are always trying to get you into our LIMES Schlossklinik as soon as possible. As a rule, the waiting time is 1 – 2 weeks. In exceptional cases or acute cases, direct admission is possible.


There is no safe in the rooms. However, if you would like to have your valuables safely stored, you can have them locked up in the central safe at the reception at any time.