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Your discharge

If you wish, we would also like to assist you in organizing your departure. Our driver service is available to assist you with this as well.
On your discharge day, you will have final discussions with your physicians and therapists after breakfast and your morning routine.
Together with you, we will design a detailed discharge plan. Final questionnaires will be handed out to you in order to be able to record your condition on discharge in a psychologically sound manner.

In addition, we will work with you to clarify the upcoming steps in your follow-up treatment:

  • Which aftercare provider will you visit and when?
  • What further therapy is recommended?
  • What information should we discuss directly with your aftercare provider?
  • What steps do you need or want to take yourself?

If necessary, you will be given your required medications for the first few days after treatment. In addition, you will receive your discharge report and can leave afterwards.