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Intensive. Innovative. Individual

Properly motivated by intensive support and a training program tailored to the individual, sport can help effectively and sustainably with mental illness. Experts recommend that structured sports programs should be included in the treatment plan as a third pillar alongside psychotherapeutic and drug therapies. With our individual sports program LIMES Sports.Care. we have created an essential therapy offer that supports the holistic success of treatment. The sports concept is accompanied by our medical advisor, Prof. Dr. med. Uwe Nixdorff, who is one of the leading prevention and stress experts.

Sport for stress disorders

  • It is scientifically proven that the state of health in mental illness improves through sport
  • Rediscovering one’s own body feeling
  • Increase motivation and attitude toward life

Special features of LIMES Sports.Care

  • Detailed training diagnostics at the beginning of the stay (training duration, frequency, intensity)
  • Intensive and individual monitoring of training progress by our qualified sports scientists as well as close exchange within the multi-professional team to link the training concept to the therapy goals
  • Training in both group and individual sessions depending on the treatment goal
  • Sustainable use of the concept even after the stay in the clinic
  • Wide range of sports such as slackline, archery, boxing, stand-up paddling, aqua fitness
Stress expert, sports physician and cardiologist
Prof. Dr. med. Uwe Nixdorff Stress expert, sports physician and cardiologist

“As experienced stress and preventive physician, Professor Nixdorff supports our sports concept with his knowledge. He is head of the European Prevention Center, owner of private practice for cardiology in Düsseldorf, and, among other things, a member of the German Society for Sports Medicine and Prevention.”

Structure of our sports program

Our sports program is individually tailored to each patient. In 4 steps, it is determined in a structured way which training program suits oneself. The final training plan is thus tailored to the individual and contributes to holistic and sustainable treatment success.

Our sports scientists will determine your type of exercise at the beginning of your stay in a joint medical history discussion. Your wishes and goals are compiled and coordinated. The second step is training diagnostics. Diagnostic methods from competitive sports are used to determine the status quo of your athletic condition. The results are then evaluated and interpreted. Continuous monitoring supports the comparison between your own perception and objectively measurable values. Based on these steps, a training concept is finally created, which is thus tailored to the individual.

Varied sports offer

Our patients have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of sports. In addition to the classic therapy selection such as walking or jogging and strength training, unusual forms of sport and movement such as slackline, stand-up paddling, boxing, and archery are also offered.

Endurance training

You train especially your endurance when walking, jogging, or high-intensity training. Through our competent sports scientists, you will learn how the training enriches your fitness and mind.

Strength training

Training with your own body weight and our small equipment focuses on flexibility and coordination.

Aqua Training

In our spacious in-house swimming area, our therapists offer you an individual aqua training program.

Open group offers

Do you have a hard time getting up for sports? Stretching together or exercising early in the morning will make it easier! For example, start your day with a round of walking – at your own pace, of course.

Exceptional sports

With stand-up paddling, archery, or boxing, you can discover new sports for yourself and find a way to your inner balance again.

Supporting recreational activities

We offer you a wide range of recreational opportunities. Explore the unique natural landscape of Mecklenburg, Switzerland, by bike or on foot. We will be happy to advise you.