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Clinical mission statement of LIMES Schlosskliniken

Back to life with renewed strength

The mission statement of LIMES Schlosskliniken is to treat patients as a whole, provide them with first-class medical care, and give them a mental and physical space that can promote the healing of mental disorders. The LIMES demands on a modern clinic for psychiatry and psychosomatics are unmistakably reflected in the approach of the Healing Environment.

Especially in psychiatry, psychotherapy, and psychosomatics, it is necessary to build a “protective wall” – the LIMES – against the negative influences that make our souls sick. Nevertheless, the boundaries must remain open to our daily lives’ difficulties, stresses, and accelerations. We follow the principle of the Romans: they maintained the LIMES as a porous border, as a boundary of the cultural space on the one hand, but transparent and permeable to everything desired on the other hand.

LIMES Castle Clinics strive for the highest level of individualization

The LIMES Schlosskliniken consciously chooses a holistic perspective in the sense of systems medicine. The goal is not only to ensure the highest possible level of treatment through regular recourse to the latest research findings but also to apply a wide variety of treatment methods in the sense of personalized medicine and to adapt them to the individual patient. Even for the individual with his or her individual disease, it is always a matter of complex interrelationships of an individual with his or her own genetics, own life path, own bonding experiences, and own wishes and needs.

The concept of the LIMES Schlosskliniken takes up innovative currents in the sciences. It implements them in a new clinic concept – thus making these currents accessible to every patient of the Schlossklinik.

The LIMES concept takes a stress culture, exhaustion, and a mental illness and makes the person open again and ready to cope with his personal, professional, and family life. On this road to recovery, you will be accompanied by compassionate staff, highly qualified doctors and therapists, and sustainable therapy services.