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Treatment concept

Holistic. Personal. Sustainable

Our top priority is to see the human being as a whole. Body, soul, and spirit form a unique totality. We have made it our task to bring this totality of each patient back into harmony. Together with you, we design a highly individualized treatment plan continuously adapted to your needs. Only in this way can sustainable therapeutic success be achieved, which will accompany you in everyday life.

The principle of holism is reflected in our therapy concept. The LIMES 360° formula helps you to recover holistically. The patient is perceived in his entirety. By paying attention to all facets, the highest possible level of treatment can be ensured.


Whether in individual or group therapy, together, we will find a new path from which you can draw strength. The frequency and content are tailored to you. If desired, gender-specific couple and family discussions can also take place.

LIMES Sports.Care

With LIMES Sports.Care, supported by Prof. Dr. med. Uwe Nixdorff, stress expert, sports physician, and cardiologist, we have created an individual sports program that supports the holistic success of the treatment. Body awareness helps you integrate sport into your everyday life even after therapy.

Adjuvant therapies

Our supportive therapy measures, such as art and design therapy, dance and movement therapy, or relaxation therapies with mindfulness and breathing training, are designed to achieve the holistic nature of your recovery. Here you can choose from various offers and set your individual focus.


The results of the detailed nutritional anamnesis at your admission are implemented in close coordination with the medical-therapeutic team. Our wholefood cuisine consisting of sustainable, regional, and healthy products increases your well-being and thus supports your recovery.

Somatic medicine

The mental, spiritual, and physical symptoms are integrated into your treatment plan. A thorough medical history at the beginning of your stay considers the link between your mental and physical complaints in the sense of psychosomatics. The medical teams maintain a close exchange to achieve an overall balance.

Healing Environment

At the location in Mecklenburg, Switzerland, you can recover sustainably in a quiet and relaxing environment. We have created a healing place where you can reconnect with your “self,” protected and with competent support. The health-promoting Baltic Sea climate decelerates and lets you breathe deeply.

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