Limes Schlossklinik Mecklenburg Switzerland

Private hospital for psychiatry, psychosomatics, and psychotherapy

Welcome to LIMES Schlossklinik Mecklenburgische Schweiz – a private acute care clinic for mental and psychosomatic health and stress-related illnesses.

We offer you relationship-oriented medicine and highly individualized treatment, which is precisely tailored to you and your needs by our interdisciplinary team of experts.

High-frequency psychotherapy, a wide range of specialized therapies, and our innovative LIMES Sports.Care sports concept enable a holistic approach to therapy. Embedded in a unique and healing natural landscape in the heart of Mecklenburg, Switzerland, we offer you the best conditions for a holistic recovery.

Healing Environment

Come to rest!

Enjoy, on the one hand, the comfort of our exclusive facilities with hotel ambiance and, at the same time, the tranquility and the view of the unique natural landscape of Mecklenburg, Switzerland.


Holistic recovery in a protected environment.

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