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Psychological treatment of parents with a child

Back to life with renewed strength

More and more parents in Germany suffer from the double burden of work and family. Thus, multiple stresses increasingly lead to overload and chronic exhaustion, which can be the starting point for depression, psychosis, trauma, or other mental illnesses. A particular focus of our therapy for mothers is the treatment of postnatal depression.

A hospital stay confronts, especially women, with significant challenges because they can not / do not want others to care for their child.

For this reason, the private clinic LIMES Schlossklinik Mecklenburg Switzerland has developed a special therapy offer for mothers and fathers, where those affected can fully concentrate on their recovery. At the same time, the children are cared for by state-approved educators. The additional offer of our clinic is aimed at children from infancy to school age.

To ensure that you and your child feel comfortable with us, you will stay in a spacious single room with an integrated children’s bedroom. The spacious parkland surrounding the clinic is ideal for supervised play and romping.

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That makes us special

Dr. Kjell R. Brolund-Spaether
Chief Medical Officer

“More and more parents and especially mothers are suffering from mental illness. It is problematic that you often cannot seek to help treatments in clinics because your children cannot be cared for during this time and clinics usually have no offers for fathers or mothers with children. For this reason, we offer professional child care in our clinic so that you can fully concentrate on your recovery. We consider the care of your child to be an elementary part of your recovery.”

Holistic treatment concept

Mental illness in parents, especially mothers, is multifaceted and often depends heavily on social circumstances and somatic aspects. For the best possible healing success, our interdisciplinary team of specialists and therapists develops a highly individualized treatment plan tailored to your needs. In addition to high-frequency psychotherapy, we offer an innovative sports concept and a wide range of individually tailored specialty therapies. During your treatments, your child is in the best hands, so you can fully concentrate on your recovery.

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