Depression in men

Men experience depression differently. The disorder is harder to recognize, less often diagnosed, and less often treated.

Men’s depression and suicide

The depression-related suicide rate in men is three times higher than in women, yet a precise diagnosis of depression in men is often not made. Because for many, the classic symptoms of depression are incompatible with the typical image of masculinity – their own feelings are communicated much less openly compared to women, and they are less likely to seek medical or therapeutic help. Their illness behavior and coping attempts result in a sudden change in personality traits, and uncharacteristic behavior patterns and symptoms may emerge in the form of aggressiveness or increased alcoholism.

To avoid misdiagnosis and increase the early detection rate of depression in men, both diagnosis and therapy must be adapted specifically for men. At LIMES Castle Clinics, you will receive individual treatment and therapy.

The treatment at LIMES Castle Clinic
MALE – Reaching men at the limit

In our private clinic for depression, those affected are cared for by a team of specialists and medical specialists as inpatients for several weeks. The special feature of the therapy on site is, among other things, in addition to individualized individual therapy, the offer of gender-specific group therapies. Furthermore, physical recommendations in the form of LIMES Sports.Care are part of the holistic therapy plan, which sees the man in all his facets and is thus conducive to disease acceptance. Of course, the treatment can be additionally supported by drug therapy if necessary.

We are reaching men at the limit.

The MALE! treatment concept at the LIMES Schlossklinik:

  • Initial diagnostics
  • Structured clinical interview
  • High-frequency individual psychotherapy
  • Interaction groups
  • Men’s discussion groups
  • TEK – emotional competence training
  • Depression group including brain performance training
  • Archery / boxing
  • LIMES Sports.Care – individualized and interactional sports program
  • In case of problematic occupational situations, additional experiential educational offers
  • Individually designed non-verbal (depth psychological) offers and craft offers
  • Final diagnostics
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