Head psychologist

Christiane von Falkenhayn

Licensed psychological psychotherapist

About me

My name is Christiane von Falkenhayn and I am the head psychologist at the Limes Schlossklinik Mecklenburgische Schweiz. Through my studies in psychology at the University of Trier and continuous further training, I have acquired an in-depth understanding of various psychotherapeutic approaches. My expertise lies in particular in behavioral therapy, systemic therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) and trauma therapy (IRRT, EMDR), with which I treat a broad spectrum of mental disorders. I will accompany you on your path to mental health with the utmost professionalism and empathy. With me, you are in experienced and caring hands!


As a specialist in behavioral therapy, I accompany my patients through all phases of their psychological challenges. This includes a detailed initial consultation, careful diagnostics and individually tailored therapy plans. My aim is to offer each individual the best possible support and to encourage them on the path to mental health and emotional stability. It is particularly important to me to build up a trusting relationship and to provide comprehensive support for you as a patient or family member.


In psychotherapy, I dedicate myself to the comprehensive care of my patients at all stages of their psychological stress. The treatment is always individually tailored and includes methods such as behavioral therapy, systemic therapy and special approaches for coping with trauma. My main aim is to pave the way to holistic recovery for each person. By creating a respectful and empathic atmosphere, I aim to promote the personal development and well-being of my patients.


  • Studied psychology at the University of Trier
  • Licensed to practice the VT guideline procedure at the Berlin Academy for Psychotherapy BAP
  • Training as a DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) counselor at the University of Washington
  • EMDR trauma therapy training at the German Psychologists Academy
  • Previously head psychologist at the MediClin-M├╝ritz-Klinikum in the field of psychiatry and psychotherapy
Christiane von Falkenhayn
Head psychologist Christiane von Falkenhayn

Are you looking for a professional psychologist who will accompany you competently and sensitively, step by step, on the path to holistic recovery? Then get in touch with me!